Video converter for Mac OS X EI Capitan-How to convert videos on Mac 10.11 EI Capitan?

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With Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan introducing new features to Mac, it changes the way we are using a computer. So will we to change to keep up with the change. The question: how to convert video in EI Capitan? and what’s the best video converter for Mac EI Capitan now? EI Capitan operating system doesn’t change the traditional Mac format support, namely MOV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, M4V and 3gp, etc.

Best Video converter for EI Capitan has experienced a strict upgrade from previous version and now has features to convert video to AIC, Apple ProRes, HDV lossless format on Mac, and support to convert video for iPad 3,IPad Mini, iPhone 5S,,iPhone 5C,iPhone 6, Kindle Fire HD.

Video Converter for EI Capitan becomes more slimmer, stable and powerful. It can read any video format like mov, mp4, h.264, flv, mkv, flv, 3gpp, avi, mpg, wmv, AVCHD, MTS, MXF,mod, tod etc, and can write into different video, audio format. EI Capitan Video Converter now also support to convert and transfer video for IOS 6 devices like iPad Mini,iPhone 5,iPhone 5S,ISO 9 for iPhone 6 etc.

Video converter for EI Capitan equips PRACTICAL video editing features facilitating the way to edit video clips: trim, cut, split and merge.

How to convert video in EI Capitan with UFUWare Video Converter for EI Capitan?

Step one:Download video converter for Mac OS X EI Capitan Download Mac video converter and click .dmg to install. No virus, pop-ups and adware attach.

Step two:Add videos Click “Add Video” button to load one or motile video files into program, because it supports batch mode.

Step three:Output format Click the drop down list, you have many optional format for output—WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, MOV, RM, RMVB, MP4, HD video, AAC, AMR, FLAC, AIFF, WMA, MP3, MP2, MKA, etc.

Step four: Edit videoClick “Clip” button to split video into many segments, click “edit” button to crop out unnecessary parts, add video special effects, click “settings” buttons to maintain the original quality.

Step five: Start conversionClick “Start” button to start to convert video file on Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan.

Video converter for EI Capitan.

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