How to Convert MXF Files to Final Cut Pro 6/7/X on Mac?

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UFUWare MXF Converter for Mac OS X is a QuickTime Import component for importing and editing MXF Files within Final Cut Pro 6/7/X . The component lets you work natively with a wide variety of MXF files, including Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM, Ikegami GFCAM, Avid, and many other OP1a MXF formats. And UFUWare MXF Import also supports metadata, allowing you to view file information directly in Final Cut Pro 6/7/X after importing MXF media.

UFUWare Import Assist is a helper application included with UFUWare MXF Converter. The app extends your workflow, allowing you to create an XML file which can be imported into Final Cut Pro 6/7/X  as a new FCP X Event that you can start editing instantly. If you’d prefer to edit with .MOV files, use UFUWare Import Assist to create QuickTime Reference .MOV files or Self-Contained .MOV files, complete with embedded Final Cut Pro 6/7/X  metadata..

For more information, please see the FCP X section in the UFUWare MXF Import User Guide or to learn more about using UFUWare Import Assist, please see the UFUWare Import Assist User Guide.

Here are tutorials showing how to import MXF files into FCP 6/7/X with UFUWare MXF Converter for Mac OSX

MXF Converter Mac

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